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I can be quite clumsy sometimes and this is not helpful when I handle makeup sometimes. I accidentally smudged a line too much, drew a line too thick…and the most frustrating thing?

Dropping my palettes.

And they break into pieces.

Recently I’ve broken my bronzed palette from e.l.f. (Which is pretty good in my opinion, give it a go if you have access to them!). This was a biiiit of a disaster for me since I love contouring and this palette has 4 colours. Needless to say that my desk was a mess with powder and whatnot for a while.

So I googled how I can fix my crushed palette and thank god for the Internet and a particular site called YouTube, a lot of problems are solved.

So here’s how to fix a broken palette (powder).

With my bronzed palette, I separated the 4 colours onto 4 bits of paper. What you need to do is to completely crush the broken bits into powder, preferably in clean container.

Add alcohol, the medicinal type. I used a 75% rubbing alcohol and a pipette to drop some in the crushed powder.

Mix well and it will turn into a thick paste. You can add more alcohol if you want it to be more fluid and easily managed.

Here I’ve done the other 3 and left a section for the last colour. Transfer the paste into the area, if you broke a mono palette, then you can just spread the paste in the original holder freely. Here I had to draw out the area each colour takes up.

So yes, dump the paste in while it’s still moist and spread it as evenly as you can and smoothe the top as you wish


Leave it to dry and voila, you have your broken palette back in shape!

So don’t despair or feel you need to use your palette as powder when you break it (although if you want to you could just use it as powder form), there’s always a fix. But really, try not to drop them. They don’t like it that much either and you can get random bits and pieces in sometimes, or mix of different colours like mine. You can’t see it here, but within the powder there are bits of other colours in each block.

Hope this helps! Let me know how you get on!



Shiro-an – White bean paste


So for a veeeery long time I’ve been planning to make Wagashi…. in particular Nerikiri Wagashi.

After a lot of research I learnt what these small pieces of art are made from, purchased white beans and ordered muslin cloth from Amazon (for quite a price – shipping was more expensive, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it in Prague). When I finally found the time and gathered the energy, I started the long and tiring process of making Shiro-an, white bean paste, the base ingredient of a lot of Wagashi.

I used these two recipes & I wanted to use a recipe that was as precise as possible, to make sure that I will make good white bean paste.

Carefully checked the beans, soaked them for over 12 hours, cooked them for another two, constantly exchanging water, and around 11pm I started mashing them through the flat sieve that we have at home. Since it was a Friday I already started to be really tired and exhausted and throughout the whole process I hope that it will work out well. I used navy beans so the process was a little more difficult since the were a lot of skins from the beans. By midnight I was exhausted and my hands were sore from the process of squishing the beans through…. 1am…. still not done with getting the beans through the sieve…. few minutes later I start to give up and think I have enough bean paste. Coming to the last stages, I strain the bean water through the muslin cloth and finally get around to cook it with sugar.

2am… to my great joy I’ve succeed making shiro-an. Tastes quite good – more on the sweet side, but seeing the final product I feel proud and satisfied.

Step 1 on my road to making wagashi is done. I was only disappointed that the amount of bean paste is much less than I originally expected it to be.

Since then I’ve only divided it into separate portions and put it into the freezer. Hopefully soon I’ll get around to making the final small pieces of art. 🙂


Cooking/Baking Success and Failures…


Looking back, when I was about 10 or 11 I used to be able to make perfect moist, fluffy muffins with a huge muffin top. But then I didn’t make muffins for some time and I am no longer able to recreate the perfect muffin.

After rediscovering my interest in baking and cooking, things work out strangely.

I have been trying to figure out how to make perfect tasting kimchi. It is just over a year ago that I managed to make kimchi that in my opinion tasted perfect. Simply it was nice, spicy, but not salty…. but since then I haven’t made good kimchi. Actually I’ve made the worst kimchi ever. Extremely salty, with a really weird taste that is hard to describe.

As for macaroons, I carefully studied the instructions on how to make perfect macaroons, reading them and re-reading them over and over again. My first batch were a bigger sucess than I thought they would be (well apart from the too moist filling, which made them soggy in the end). But since that big success in making macaroon, every attempt has been a total failure…. Not sure why.

This time I want to try to make nerikiri wagashi. Will it be a success or failure, not sure…. For some strange reason, I tend to be more successful when making something for the first time.

Macarons for my face


 photo IMG_4902_zps20f3195b.jpg

I finally got around to trying my Earl Grey and Macaroon sheet mask from My Beauty Diary that I like using so much. After scrubbing, and thoroughly cleaning my face I put on this mask and enjoyed a cup of Irish Cream flavoured tea (unfortunately no Earl Grey Tea) and two Macaroons.

 photo IMG_4905_zps0d5e4309.jpg

The mask gave of a light scent that resembled slightly Earl Grey tea, but nothing too strong to irritate your nose. It was also quite hydrating and also felt refreshing on my skin. I think a nice combination, so would be interested in repurchasing. My skin felt nice and well hydrated as well as calm.

Anyone tried this sheet mask?


Pore packs


I don’t use pore cleaning packs as often as I should. So far I have only used two kinds.

A month ago I decided it is about time to give the skin on my nose a little bit of attention, since my pores clog up easily with makeup. I looked through Gmarket if I could find my favourite pore pack – Skinfood’s Egg White Pack, which contains five packs for your nose and another five for your forehead and chin. I really liked them as they managed to get a lot of stuff out of my skin, but unfortunately it was unavailable when I wanted to purchase.

 photo IMG_4920_zps289e9f32.jpg

Instead I decided to go with the Chlorella nose pack. I was a bit worried, whether it would be good or not, since I read quite a number of bad reviews. But luckily it works for me. Actually it manages to work very well and clean a lot of my pores.
Also many complained about the smell, but I wasn’t too bothered about it. I could barely smell anything.

Only thing I wish is that it also would have forehead and chin patches to clean the pores in those parts of my face as well.

Can’t complain. The only question that remains is… Is there anything more effective?


Why I love Korean cleansers


I should specify… I love Korean foam cleansers.

So far I have tried three kinds of cleanser.
One was Skin food’s Apple Vinegar cleansing gel cream, second one was Misscha’s Creamy chocolate latte cleansing foam and now I purchased Innisfree, Jeju foam cleanser.

I wasn’t so excited about the Skin food one, since it was a gel like oily subtance. I found it a bit hard to get everything of my skin to make my skin feel squeaky clean.

But the Misscha one produced a nice lather, so I didn’t have to pull my skin too much. The Innisfree cleanser also contains small particles for scrubbing, but they are very gentle,but just like the Misscha one, it produces a nice thick lather, which easily allows me to fully clean my skin.

But I was a bit surprised about the label…. To make my skin dull-looking? I think I want my skin to look bright and clean. 🙂

 photo IMG_4946_zps38f929b2.jpg

My new skin regime….


I’ve been mistreating my skin for quite some time now, being too harsh trying to remove make-up and since it is winter, the cold didn’t do it much justice either. So I browsed around G-Market, where I found that I can buy Korean cosmetics for a much lower price than if I purchased it from Hong Kong or Singapore.

 photo IMG_4932_zps132414a2.jpg

What caught my eye was The Face Shop’s Makkeolli set. Why Makkeolli? I love to drink it – It’s a traditional Korean rice alcohol, with a lower alcohol amount compared to Soju and it is refreshing. I was curious to try it for my skin. But I couldn’t find any reviews or information about it in English, and the only information I found was in Korean (

With the help of a dictionary I was able to figure out a little bit of what it is supposed to do for my skin – something about containing protein and vitamins that my skin needs.

Originally I wanted to just try the toner, but my order for it got cancelled, and soon after I ended up getting a set of three products. I’ve been using them for just over two weeks and I’m quite happy. I’m still waiting to see what effect it has on my skin after long term use, so I probably will do a short update.

 photo IMG_4943_zps6d28a988.jpg

First of all to the good parts – it is very rich, very good for the winter season. However, have to be careful when applying in the morning before makeup. But at least my makeup finally doesn’t crumble of my face. (Even though I have oily skin, makeup started to flake off after some time during the day, so I blame winter).

But perfect in the evening before going to bed, so my skin gets as much hydration as possible during the night.

Also a good point is, that it hasn’t caused any break-outs so far. Actually my skin seems to be quite calm and happy – I started suffering bad break out at the end of last year, but it seems like my skin is clearing up again.

The down side is that all three products a contained in heavy glass, which can increase shipping cost for those ordering from overseas.

Have you tried it? If yes, let me know? What other skin care sets would you recommend? Already thinking what else to try. 😀