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My new skin regime….


I’ve been mistreating my skin for quite some time now, being too harsh trying to remove make-up and since it is winter, the cold didn’t do it much justice either. So I browsed around G-Market, where I found that I can buy Korean cosmetics for a much lower price than if I purchased it from Hong Kong or Singapore.

 photo IMG_4932_zps132414a2.jpg

What caught my eye was The Face Shop’s Makkeolli set. Why Makkeolli? I love to drink it – It’s a traditional Korean rice alcohol, with a lower alcohol amount compared to Soju and it is refreshing. I was curious to try it for my skin. But I couldn’t find any reviews or information about it in English, and the only information I found was in Korean (

With the help of a dictionary I was able to figure out a little bit of what it is supposed to do for my skin – something about containing protein and vitamins that my skin needs.

Originally I wanted to just try the toner, but my order for it got cancelled, and soon after I ended up getting a set of three products. I’ve been using them for just over two weeks and I’m quite happy. I’m still waiting to see what effect it has on my skin after long term use, so I probably will do a short update.

 photo IMG_4943_zps6d28a988.jpg

First of all to the good parts – it is very rich, very good for the winter season. However, have to be careful when applying in the morning before makeup. But at least my makeup finally doesn’t crumble of my face. (Even though I have oily skin, makeup started to flake off after some time during the day, so I blame winter).

But perfect in the evening before going to bed, so my skin gets as much hydration as possible during the night.

Also a good point is, that it hasn’t caused any break-outs so far. Actually my skin seems to be quite calm and happy – I started suffering bad break out at the end of last year, but it seems like my skin is clearing up again.

The down side is that all three products a contained in heavy glass, which can increase shipping cost for those ordering from overseas.

Have you tried it? If yes, let me know? What other skin care sets would you recommend? Already thinking what else to try. 😀


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