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Why I love Korean cleansers


I should specify… I love Korean foam cleansers.

So far I have tried three kinds of cleanser.
One was Skin food’s Apple Vinegar cleansing gel cream, second one was Misscha’s Creamy chocolate latte cleansing foam and now I purchased Innisfree, Jeju foam cleanser.

I wasn’t so excited about the Skin food one, since it was a gel like oily subtance. I found it a bit hard to get everything of my skin to make my skin feel squeaky clean.

But the Misscha one produced a nice lather, so I didn’t have to pull my skin too much. The Innisfree cleanser also contains small particles for scrubbing, but they are very gentle,but just like the Misscha one, it produces a nice thick lather, which easily allows me to fully clean my skin.

But I was a bit surprised about the label…. To make my skin dull-looking? I think I want my skin to look bright and clean. 🙂

 photo IMG_4946_zps38f929b2.jpg

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