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Pore packs


I don’t use pore cleaning packs as often as I should. So far I have only used two kinds.

A month ago I decided it is about time to give the skin on my nose a little bit of attention, since my pores clog up easily with makeup. I looked through Gmarket if I could find my favourite pore pack – Skinfood’s Egg White Pack, which contains five packs for your nose and another five for your forehead and chin. I really liked them as they managed to get a lot of stuff out of my skin, but unfortunately it was unavailable when I wanted to purchase.

 photo IMG_4920_zps289e9f32.jpg

Instead I decided to go with the Chlorella nose pack. I was a bit worried, whether it would be good or not, since I read quite a number of bad reviews. But luckily it works for me. Actually it manages to work very well and clean a lot of my pores.
Also many complained about the smell, but I wasn’t too bothered about it. I could barely smell anything.

Only thing I wish is that it also would have forehead and chin patches to clean the pores in those parts of my face as well.

Can’t complain. The only question that remains is… Is there anything more effective?


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  1. 2013/04/18 2:10 AM

    Hmm … I bought this one as well but I haven’t gotten round to try it. I personally preferred those nose packs from Tony Moly more.

    • 2013/04/24 8:45 PM

      I was a bit worried whether there is any purpose in purchasing it and trying it, since I read a few bad reviews, but in the end it worked quite well (to my surprise).
      Tony Moly? I probably should look into their brand more – I’ve only tried a foot peeling mask from them.
      And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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