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Macarons for my face


 photo IMG_4902_zps20f3195b.jpg

I finally got around to trying my Earl Grey and Macaroon sheet mask from My Beauty Diary that I like using so much. After scrubbing, and thoroughly cleaning my face I put on this mask and enjoyed a cup of Irish Cream flavoured tea (unfortunately no Earl Grey Tea) and two Macaroons.

 photo IMG_4905_zps0d5e4309.jpg

The mask gave of a light scent that resembled slightly Earl Grey tea, but nothing too strong to irritate your nose. It was also quite hydrating and also felt refreshing on my skin. I think a nice combination, so would be interested in repurchasing. My skin felt nice and well hydrated as well as calm.

Anyone tried this sheet mask?


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  1. callmejagi permalink
    2013/04/02 4:12 PM

    I keep debating on buying this mask because I have combination to oily skin and I don’t want to break out. What is your skin type? Did you think it was worth the purchase? Thanks~ ^.^

    • 2013/04/03 8:37 PM

      This mask, compared to other masks was light and quite refreshing. I usually don’t expect too much from masks, since the effects aren’t really long term. For me it is mainly a refreshing and hydrating treatment, especially now when the weather is cold and my skin has gone a bit patchy. I have combination skin. Previously it was more oily, but now I have more dry patches. (I blame the cold weather of the seemingly never-ending winter here.) And this mask didn’t give me a breakout – but this is something that can vary from person to person.
      I purchased the masks from this website, because I could try each one out individually –

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