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I can be quite clumsy sometimes and this is not helpful when I handle makeup sometimes. I accidentally smudged a line too much, drew a line too thick…and the most frustrating thing?

Dropping my palettes.

And they break into pieces.

Recently I’ve broken my bronzed palette from e.l.f. (Which is pretty good in my opinion, give it a go if you have access to them!). This was a biiiit of a disaster for me since I love contouring and this palette has 4 colours. Needless to say that my desk was a mess with powder and whatnot for a while.

So I googled how I can fix my crushed palette and thank god for the Internet and a particular site called YouTube, a lot of problems are solved.

So here’s how to fix a broken palette (powder).

With my bronzed palette, I separated the 4 colours onto 4 bits of paper. What you need to do is to completely crush the broken bits into powder, preferably in clean container.

Add alcohol, the medicinal type. I used a 75% rubbing alcohol and a pipette to drop some in the crushed powder.

Mix well and it will turn into a thick paste. You can add more alcohol if you want it to be more fluid and easily managed.

Here I’ve done the other 3 and left a section for the last colour. Transfer the paste into the area, if you broke a mono palette, then you can just spread the paste in the original holder freely. Here I had to draw out the area each colour takes up.

So yes, dump the paste in while it’s still moist and spread it as evenly as you can and smoothe the top as you wish


Leave it to dry and voila, you have your broken palette back in shape!

So don’t despair or feel you need to use your palette as powder when you break it (although if you want to you could just use it as powder form), there’s always a fix. But really, try not to drop them. They don’t like it that much either and you can get random bits and pieces in sometimes, or mix of different colours like mine. You can’t see it here, but within the powder there are bits of other colours in each block.

Hope this helps! Let me know how you get on!


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