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The zoo regulars: the Cat, the Owl, the Penguin, the Tiger.

Phood – food, photography, with little philosophy thrown in.

Food — our passion, our challenge; from snacks to desserts, random and crazy food experimentations. We love all of them and dare to take risks to add our own flair and personality. For some of us, therapeutic.

Photography — our language of art, an expression for many of our thoughts; turning what we envision into a photograph, expression ourselves with our bodies, the different colours… this is our medium for our expressions.

Philosophy — what we think, how we think, why we think so; thoughts, simple or profound, realisation, also a kind of expression, looking deeper into something, and ultimately an expression of a bit of our personality.

Throw in a little bit of external beauty to complement internal beauty.

Phood — three mediums which we choose to express who we are, in hope to inspire and be inspired. We want to contribute to the aesthetics in this world, the life that we are passionate about.

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